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interesting trip onto Dartmoor today. Probably the worst conditions in daylight ive experiienced up there. Rain was torrential, and horizontal and a gale blowing. You couldnt hear yourself talk to the person next to you, so heaven knows how anyone thinks their dog will hear them when it runs on ahead, into the storm. The streams were rivers and the rivers were raging torrents, again unsafe in my view. "Tid" the black x breed, was let off for a run on the edge of the moor by holidaymakers, he took one look at the wide open space and kept running. His owners called and called in vain . Eventually they started ringing around vets. Luckily one vet gave them our number. Forager was taken to the place last seen 3 hours earlier, and immediately started following scent out from meldon to the East of the reservoir. Conditions were attrocious and after half an hour we met a lady with a labrador. She told us a very wet dog had approached her ten mins earlier and she guessed it was lost, so put her spare slip lead on him. At which point he bit her labrador (he doesnt like other black dogs apparently!) and she let go the lead and so now we had the double worry of a lost dog wearing a slip lead!!! Long story short, hed run off across a stream and then got scared and didnt want to cross it back so we found him about half a mile further on and he was pleased to be found. he let me lead him back to the car park where his owner had come back to chek progress. One very happy owner. A few pix from the search but the rain got into my phone and killed it before we got back to the car. hoping its able to be resurrected by the heat of the fire. Forager was frozen and waterlogged and wet through to the skin. and so miserable by the time we got back to our van. Big thankyou to Lisa who made his fabulous towelling coat which helped dry him on the journey home. K9SD would be lost without people like her .

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