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Missing Dobermann, Cornwall

She was lost after slipping lead out of owners hand and taking off on Bodmin Moor after some deer. She was still wearing her halti and flexo lead so a VERY dangerous situation. owner had searched all day and night. The scent was too cold for trailing with a hound so due to the really urgent and dangerous nature of this situation it was decided to take a trained HWV called Tennant belonging to handler Sam, as he is a cold game scenting dog and there was a chance hed find her if she was trapped in undergrowth. Tennant pointed her within ten mins of the search starting and she was trapped under brambles gorse and bracken, immobilised by her lead/halti. She wouldnt have survived another day and night. the owner made a generous donation to our fuel fund. "Oh my god I thought id never see her again. You are so wonderful. thankyou." Joanne

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