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Lucky Finds

Another unusual K9 search and rescue today. We had a call last night for a dog that had gone missing on bodmin moor nr jamaica Inn.....a dobermann who got away from her owner chasing possibly rabbits. Shed been missing over a day and it was too long after losing the dog for us to take a hound down to pick up the trail, but there were some rather worrying circumstances to the disapearance, in that the dobe was still wearing her halti and flexi lead at the time of going missing. This meant there was an almost certainty of her getting hung up somewhere, rather than wandering miles and miles. Due to the terrain, marshland and mine shafts etc we decided a night search was not feasible and to wait until morning. We arrived on the scene at lunchtime, not with a bloodhound , as we had no scent trail to work from, but with Tennant the HWV who is not part of our trained search team but he is used on a shoot to point game and deer so we thought we might be able to cover a large area of moorland using his nose and gundog training to see if he could locate her. We literally walked for 10 minutes from the farm, Tennant indicated in the thick gorse, we sent him forward into the undergrowth and we heard frantic barking. We macheted our way into the blackthorn brambles and bracken that was over our heads, and found Evie the doberman wrapped round and round the blackthrorn trunks. One very happy owner. One less than happy dobermann who wanted to eat poor Tennant, but once we got her home she was bouncing around unscathed from her adventure.

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