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Keeping Us On The Road...

Keeping hounds on the road costs money, namely for fuel, and its a sad fact that quite often people dont make any sort of donation even after we have successfully reunited their dog, or spent hours on searches, so for that reason, fund raising is ongoing so we can always be in the position of being able to afford fuel for attending searches and for our public liability insurance etc..

Our latest fund raiser was a gourmet luncheon and demo, and the lunch and live demo went really well yesterday. In total we raised £430.00. None of it would have been possible without the help of Chris and Eric who opened their fabulous home to us all, and prepared a gourmet lunch. Thanks must also go to the team of sous chefs, and of course all those who came along and supported K9SD by buying tickets and raffle tickets.

Meanwhile theres one little black lab safely reunited with his anxious owner, after we tracked and caught him, having been spooked on a walk.

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