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We have had a busy couple of weeks with training, including a lot of tarmac surface work and split trails (where more than one dog is walked and the searchdog must only track the correct dog). We have also been involved in some of the foulsest weather training you can imagine with torrential rain and hail, but the hounds will work happily in such conditions, thus proving that bloodhounds truly are the BEST at this job. (Even if the handlers baulk at the weather lol). Theres a short video of Jara working in extremely wet conditions, on a trail that is many hours old, and working out where the target dog (ie the lost dog hes tracking) is walking with a group of other dogs and then splits away from the group. its a hard part of training for him and he takes a while to suss it out but gets lots of praise when he does. This is when our coloured chalks come in useful for the handlers to see which dog hes tracking and praise him at the correct time. click to see Jaras Video. If like us, you want to do something to help the planet and support K9 Searchdogs at the same time then you can register with this recycling group and choose K9 search dogs as your charity and they will send you recycling bags for your ink cartridges etc. It wont cost you a penny, its great for the enviroment and helps K9 raise more funds to help us keep the team searching. For those who dont follow us on Facebook, please do so as we update the FB page regularly with photos and training info and wed love to see you there K9 Search Dogs

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