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Mollie The Collie

pleased to report that K9SD Forager had a successful track last week, resulting in the safe retrieval of a young collie called Mollie. Its taken a few days before we posted details due to the delicacy of the owners personnal was a tricky situation because the owners were recently seperated and each thought the other had the dog with them, and it was only several hours later that theyrealised she was missing from their remote coastal property. With the worry of high cliffs and stormy weather, we were called out as the husband had seen the article in Western Morning news only that same morning and called us in . Mollie had been missing 4- 6 hours but Forager tracked her from their remote coastal farm, across the clifftops to an empty farmyard which had been unused over the christmas period, and she was found sheltering in a stone shed there. Her owners had (both of them!!) already walked this area calling for her but she was afriad to come out. Forager literally tracked to the door of the shed, and , she was inside scared and cold but glad to see us! Awaiting owners permission to put photo up.

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