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Snoopy Is Home

well we had an interesting morning! It all started last night when K9SD had a call about a missing beagle locally, but due to it being missing for 16 hours we felt it was more reliable to await a sighting. This morning the owner rang again, she could hear her baying in the distance and thought she was stuck in an old water filled quarry. Andrew and I went over armed with climbing ropes and harness, muzzles, leads etc and managed to locate her stuck just above the waterline, and Andrew climbed down, talked her around (she didnt like the look of him initially LOL) and brought her back up to be reunited with a very delighted owner. Obviously Andrew did this independantly of K9SD, as Im sure our insurance doesnt cover us for cliff rescue!!!! but it was a good result and Snoopy none the worse for her experience and night out. The owners friends were on hand and said they will try and organise a fund raiser for us, so a doubly good result

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