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A busy day today, first we took Jara into town for some urban training with Emma and her collie "sam". Lots of distractions for jara but overall he did well. We had only been home ten minutes when the phone rang to say there had been a sighting of the missing Dawlish collie and could we get there, so as jara was in tracking mode, and Foragers back still a little bit sore, Jara and I headed off to the coast. We were taken to a housing estate where hed been seen lying on the pavement, although no one was quite sure where, but after ten minutes Jara picked up the scent and was off at a good pace. Then more info came in to say hed been seen in "fairlie close" last house on the right, so he was taken lefthanded into the close but refused to go in the garden and didnt seem atall interested .....he much preferred to continue uphill so off we went again, and he took us straight to Fairlea ROAD" and to the end house in the cul-de-sac, straight into their garden, (A on the map and as we realised afterwards, this was probably the road that the person had meant)) to the thick hedge and shed. He then left the garden and seemed to draw a blank, and as we discussed what to do next a woman arrived, and over heard us, and it appeared she was a carer at the house where we had been, and she had seen the collie a few hours earlier exactly where jara had been in the hedge and shed. unfortunately she also said a man had chased him with two dogs and last she had seen was him going back down the rd. Jara was taken back down the road and he took a sharp left and was off again at speed until he reached B on the map where again he was very interested in a garden. it became clear this was the back of house A and a pattern was emerging. he then took off to point C and at this point lost interest. Hed tracked quite hard for two hours , and as the people at house A were very willing to help, and had a big open empty shed in the garden, it was decided to bait the area and put his bed in there in the hope he was using it as a base. unfortunately people giving chase and scaring him have made this dog very hard to catch, and hes only been in his home a week so not familiar with his new family. UPDATE** UPDATE** the collie was captured in the same area 2 days later by his owners, so great news.

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