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Time Is Ticking

All three hounds are now in continual training, and Forager is working on 7 hour cold lines, Baffle and Jara are working on 4 and 2 hours cold. Our work never stops as we have daily phone calls asking for advice and help and at any one time we are usually on standby for 2 or 3 missing dogs in the westcountry. The most important part of our training is getting new dogs and their owners onboard, to "get lost" and give the hounds new challenges......there are quite a lot of items we use in training such as scent pads, marker chalks etc and so we have now put together an amazon wishlist of things we need and use, and people have been extremely generous in their help with this. You can see it by clicking here If you are interested in getting involved with the hounds training, maybe you and your own dog would like to volunteer to "get lost" and allow the hounds to train on you? Then you can join our facebook group here

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