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Sign Of Things To Come

Today we had a really good training session on Dartmoor, introducing Jarousek to the wild ponies, which he was very unsure about. He tracked a simple U shape trail which was only 40 minutes cold, and a mile long, so technically very simple.....however the wind was almost galeforce and the open moor was windswept, boggy and tricky for him, and the trail also took him through numerous groups of wild ponies, which he had to track through within 20 feet of them, so it gave him a new challenge. Unlike most hounds who get distracted by new scents, Jara only gets distracted by very visual distractions....and there were plenty of these today. He did however track right back to the car where the lost "target" dog Tallulah the labrador was patiently waiting to be found. Very pleased with todays work. Other news is the arrival of our big and bold magnetic signs. These can be put on any vehicle involved with training the hounds and searches, and removed when not required, and the attention they attracted within minutes of putting them up this morning was amazing. Two dog walkers on the moor came to ask for info and took away leaflets about how to contact us should they need us. Seen here modelled by one of our training buddies Tallulah, and K9SD Jara. We are currently on standby for searching for two missing dogs, a springer in Devon and a border terrier in Dorset. If there are new sightings we will be searching for them.Fingers crossed they will both be found safe very soon.

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