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For those who dont live in the westcountry, you probably wont know about these two dogs, but they have been high profile in this area for the last 4 days after they were thrown from their owners van, when it was flipped over by a lorry running into the back of them, driving on a local dual carriage way at weekend. There were 4 dogs, one was caught immediately and another a day later, just leaving two bitches on the run. We had a call this morning to say they had been seen in a field of sheep, so we arrived there and started tracking 2 hours after they were seen. The scent article was a dog bed belonging to all 4 dogs so it was always going to be a tricky one, but we gave it ago. Forager was happy to take the scent andtracked straight into an orchard where we found a lot of fresh dog poo, which the owner identified as his dogs. We then tracked across another large steep field of sheep, continuing up a hill into kale. There was a roe buck in the kale so I was a bit wary of Foragers route through this field, but was pleased to say he completely ignored the roe track and went 90 degrees to it and out onto a lane. He then got up some speed, until we came to a x roads. As we were casting him to decide on a direction at the X-roads, a call came from another farmer to say the 2 dogs were in a field asleep about another mile away.......we lifted Forager off the scent and hotfooted by road to the field, where "Koala" (yes that really is the owners name!!) went into the field and threw some food, they ran around him barking but scared, but after the longest 10 minutes ever, both came to him and he got leads on them. Not a direct "find" by Forager, but we were pleased to be part of this happy ending, and Forager was delighted to meet the girls.

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