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Our recent article that went out as a press release on how to create a scent article for your dog in case it should ever go missing has thrown up some interesting questions on what can and cant be used as an article. here is the article for reference. We have taken several calls and emails on the subject and Some of the items people have asked about included : their own duvet (because the dog slept on it)....well yes as a last resort maybe it could be used. The dogs food bowl......That would be a no Dogs nail trimmings......possibly but not ideal The contents of the hoover bag as it contained dog hairs........That would be another No! The K9 Searchdog phone lines are available 24/7 and we are happy for people to call any time of the day or night, infact our very first successful search was conducted in the middle of the night in a cornish field! However if you are calling at 11.45 to ask what kind of plastic bag to store your dogs scent pad in in the freezer, we do ask that you consider carefully the urgency of this matter and perhaps leave it to a more civilised time of the day! Glad to report Forager making a good recovery and will be back in harness next week.

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