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Jara and Forager had a great day out when K9 Search Dogs were invited to team up with Dartmoor Rescue, Fire, Police and other vital services to appear at a "safety on Dartmoor" day at the weekend. They met hundreds of children and made many many new friends, although I think Jara was rather taken with the idea of becoming a police hound! (see photo!) Today Forager was called out on a search for a miniature pinscher thats been missing 5 days in Devon, weve been in regular contact with his owners and today there was a positive sighting so off we rushed to Exeter Airport, but literally 2 minutes before we arrived there, he was found safe and well, much to his owners joy, so a happy ending for one family. Training is now around 4 hours cold for Forager, and obviously the more training we do, the colder the trails and the more use he is to people with missing dogs, so if anyone wants to come and train, wed be delighted for any time you can give, whether its an hour or half a day, anything would be great!

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