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The Search For Lonzo

Another interesting evening for Forager last night (Who is well on the eway to recovering now I should add). A young lurcher went missing yesterday in launceston whilst being walked by someone when his real owner was in hospital having surgery. He managed to pull away from them and was spotted in the town, possibly hit by a car, running with collar and lead attached. He was sighted at 8.15 and we were contacted at 9.45. Due to some communication issues between some of the people searching for him we didnt get to the right place of the sighting until 10.30pm. Forager immediately wanted to track along a busy main road with no verge, which wasnt ideal, but then new info came in that hed been seen running into adjacent housing estate so we took him to the entrance and off we went at a fair lick. Now this was new for Forager as he tracked around parked cars and through gardens, doing a cpmplete lap of the housing estate, then back to the roundabout and the busy road, to the place he initially wanted to go on the busy road. This road was much too dangerous for either him or us to be working on at night, with heavy traffic, so had to make the decision to pull him out. Advised owner to check housing estate area as the line hed taken suggested he was within that area. This morning at 6 am thats exactly where he was found by his owners. Very good news. He has a leg injury and is currently at the vets. Heres the map of his route.

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