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The Search Must Go On

we had a very big dilema this morning when the phone rang......if you are in the westcountry you may have heard of "pringle" the missing whippet? he even has his own FB page! well this morning they had a sighting, and there was the the time we could get there the scent would be 3 hours cold.....too cold for Baffle in his early training, but feasible for Forager. As you know, Forager had major surgery a week ago, and I was very reluctant for him to be returning to work at this early stage. However despite a stay in the vets, and a very sore tummy, he has been making progress at home to the point where yesterday he spent the whole day in the garden with the other hounds without any apparent side effects, so it was decided to take thim along to the sighting, with an option to defer if the terrain was awful. On arriving it was gently sloping pasture and no nasty obstacles so it was decided to let him work a little , and see how it went. Foragers welfare was first and foremost, and I was monitoring him carefully all along the way. He followed Pringles scent for an hour, mostly at a walk or steady trot, so nothing too strenuous, eventually we lost the scent into some gardens and thick scrub atrea, and I decided to pull Forager. Since arriving home hes eaten and now sleeping off his tiring hours work. Lets hope they get more sightings soon and we can get back out there and find him. See Foragers stone in the photo!

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