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Good News And Bad!

Well the good news is the Waitrose "community matters" campaign in February, raised over £500 for K9SD, we are so thrilled at all the support we had in store, and by so many people who thought K9SD worthy. Heres Sam and Baffle, along with Ev and Tess, who are Baffles regular training buddies, being presented with the cheque last week. Now for the bad news.......Forager has tajken to eating stones, and one got badly lodged in his gut, resulting in major surgery last week. after a spell in the vet hospital, hes now at home convalescing and feeling somewhat sorry for himself. With care and gentle recouperation he should be operational after stitches come out. Training with Baffle is however as per normal, and we are hoping to get some training dates arranged over the next two weeks, so if anyone would like to come along and help train, wed be delighted.....just use the contact page to get in touch.

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