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Away Days

Forager and Jara had a nother day out , this time at Dunsford Show where we had a charity stall. it was a lovely day, slightly too hot, but both boys wore their cool coats all day and barely panted once, they were so efficient at cooling. If only they made them for humans!! Anyhow we had a book sale, and a hamper competition (won by Mrs May of Ide) to help raise funds. We met lots of new people and some really good contacts in the National park who are keen to use K9SD to help with the many missing dogs on the moor. Today we had a search for a beagle belonging to a friend, that had run off hunting at Roadford Reservoir. After being missing a couple of hours we went out to the reservoir with Forager where he immediately picked up the scent, and we could hear her baying away in the distance so we knew we were going in the right direction. After ten minuets of tracking her and calling her name, she responded to her owners calling and suddenly appeared out of the undergrowth a little hot and tired but unscathed.

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