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Missing Collie Cornwall

maisey the collie slipped her lead after only one day in her new home. the owners had been searching frantically for over a week without success. Farmer spotted her in a field and rang them but she was gone when they got there so they called in K9SD. We tracked for about ten minutes across farmland and spotted her in the field ahead. She was very scared and we kept the hound well away as the owner went to try and call her in but she fled. We then tracked her for another 8 miles , most of the day, ensuring we kept well behind her so as not to push her or scare her. Not even her old owners could get near her. She settled in a farm and the farmer agreed to watch her so a feed station could be set up and she was caught in the feed station the next morning. "we cant thank K9 enough for all their help in getting Maisey back" Emma

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