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Forager has been called out twice this week on searches. The first call came late one night from the owner of two missing spaniels in Cornwall.One of the dogs had been spotted by a motorist in a lane and we were called upon to track it. Not having done any night tracking with Forager, I wasnt sure how it would go but he really didnt appear to notice it was dark! He tracked the spaniel from the woods through fields and back into the grounds of the hotel, via a golf course. He found evidence of the dogs presence in the hotel grounds but alas not the dog. We retired home at 2am, but the following day the spaniel and its sister were found in the same place, so that was very satisfying. They have been reunited with their owners. The next day a call came from the new owners of a missing collie. Shed been spotted near a farm so we were called in to track her. Despite the scent being 3 hours cold, Forager tracked her from the farm across farmland and found her quite quickly. Due to her nervousness and having only been with her new owners for one day, she wasnt prepared to be caught and ran off. We tracked her for 4 hours, getting quite close on 3 more ocassions, but never allowing her owner to get near enough. We decided not to push her out of the area, and arranged for cage traps to go out the next day, but luckily she was cornered by a farmer that morning in his yard, and was reunited with her owner. We are immensley proud of Foragers work on these two searches.

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