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Two Hours And Counting......

Foragers training is now going well enough for him to be tracking two hours cold lines, which is great news as we are so much nearer our targets now. Training locations includes the town, parks, farmland, forestry and moorland, and we are always looking for new people to help with training by walking their dogs in these locations for the hounds to practise finding them. its fun, your dog gets a walk and its a huge help to us as the more variety of dogs we train with, the better it is for the hounds.

Baffles training is also coming along nicely....hes still behind Forager in time and distance but thats to be expected as he started much later. You can see him here "finding" his lost dog in a training excercise. The issue of fundraising always looms over us as we have to have rather expensive public liability insurance to train and operate K9SD.....luckily we have been chosen by Waitrose Okehampton branch, to be one of their chosen charitites in January 2013, and so anyone shopping there this month can use their green token in the K9 SD box which will help us achieve a proportional amount of the Waitrose monthly £1000 donation. Several people shop at other branches but have posted us their green tokens to put in the Okehampton box, so thatnk you very much for that.

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