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Longer, Harder, Tougher

Foragers training is coming on well, and his search work is including all terrains from grassland to tarmac, as well as putting in a lot of twisty turns and adding dogs hes never met before, and some new distractions to make it all a bit harder for him. Despite these challenges hes worked hard all summer and this week sees the start of training away from home, with parks and a quayside planned for him in the next couple of days. Hes growing into a big strong hound whch means hes now outgrown two harnesses. Luckily his latest harness has plenty of growing room so should be the one he ends up wearing for all his training and work. A couple of press releases have gone out this week to publications that have shown an interest in our training, and so he hadto pose for his official photo, but as you can see here, he took to it very well!

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