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A Few of Our Searches

Chester Missing Somerset.
Chester went missing after running off after a hare and, unknown to his owners, who were frntically searching for him, had become trapped in a culvert.
K9SD Carter and his handler Rob were called out after 2 days and he tracked repeatedly to the culvert, and when one of the searchers climbed down and under the brambles, they found him trapped. Apart from some damaged claws where he'd been trying to escape, he was back to normal in no time

Missing Farmdog

Dizzi, lost on Dartmoor, found safe and well by K9 team this week.

Missing Springer, Dartmoor

Merlin a young Springer went missing on a Dartmoor walk in an area he was not familiar with. Due to lack of scent and time missing, our CAA licenced drone operator put a drone up to start a quadrant search and eliminate a large area of moorland. Then it went silent for 24 hours, no sightings, until a walker rang in to say Merlin had tagged onto their party the night before, so jaunty was taken to the point they camped at, and she made a determined effort hunting to Kitty Tor, where we met Merlin on his way back! Being a friendly chap he was happy to be caught and walked back to the carpark. Due to him being diabetic he needed a vet check but all OK.

Missing Romanian Rescue

Angel went missing while being transferred. A street dog from Romania she trusted no one and Rob & Carter tracked her to a wood-yard in the middle of the night, but due to her temperament we decided to trap her using our custom made dog trap. She was successfully caught in our trap 3 days later .

Missing Collie, Devon

Badger an elderly farm dog was disorientated after following a vehicle out of the farm lane and getting lost. Partially sighted and deaf , he wandered approx 2miles of fields and a golf course. He was found, several hours later, late at night in appalling weather by K9SD Jara

Missing Collie, Dartmoor

Millie an elderly farm collie wandered off after her supper and wasn't seen for 4 hours. K9SD Jara was taken to her kennel and tracked her about a mile through a field into a small gully, where she was found very cold and wet but unhurt. her owners son managed to get her out without a problem but being old and unfirm she couldnt get her self out.

Missing Shiba Somerset

Matt and Buddy were the team on this search, and the missing dog, a shiba Inu, was tracked onto a building site where there was a lot of fresh scent but they were unable to establish an exit point. Due to so many fresh tracks and Buddy not locating an exit it was decided to leave the owners coat there overnight and to take a lokin in the day light. it was found there the next day in the place they had been tracking it.

Missing Tavistock

Missing after being hit by electric fencing, in heavy rain and once again Forager was off on the trail. This time Forager tracked her down to a small river, and she was reunited with her owner 7 hours after being lost. What a relief!
"I can't tell you how happy I am to have my little lady back home! A huge thank you to forager and Sam for a eventful afternoon and bringing my dog back safely to me! I cannot recommend them enough x"

Missing Labrador,

As is always the case, thousands of dogs are terrified of fireworks at this time of year. november 5th brought 5 calls for help for dogs missing after being scaed by fireworks. Sadly we could only get to one call out, a labrador called ben who had bolted from the farm on hearing neighbours fireworks. Forager tracked Ben him and after 4hours of hard trailing we kept ending up at the same road junction and losing the scent. At 1am a call came to say the dog had been picked up by a farm worker who knew him ,on that very junction 7 hours earlier and had taken him home by car. (hence the scent trail ended at the junction)!!!! Ben was reunited with a relieved owner and we came home in the early hours.

Sad Outcome

Sam and her hounds were away for a few days in Wales when a call came in for a missing dog in South Devon. Matt and Buddy kindly made the 2 hour journey from Exmoor and searched for many hours, however it appears that the dog had already been in a RTA and killed before the search got underway. and after five hours the sad news came in. A very sad outcome and our deepest condolences to the owner and all those concerned.

Missing Dobermann,

She was lost after slipping lead out of owners hand and taking off on Bodmin Moor after some deer. She was still wearing her halti and flexo lead so a VERY dangerous situation. owner had searched all day and night. The scent was too cold for trailing with a hound so due to the really urgent and dangerous nature of this situation it was decided to take a trained HWV called Tennant belonging to handler Sam, as he is a cold game scenting dog and there was a chance hed find her if she was trapped in undergrowth. Tennant pointed her within ten mins of the search starting and she was trapped under brambles gorse and bracken, immobilised by her lead/halti. She wouldnt have survived another day and night. the owner made a generous donation to our fuel fund.
"Oh my god I thought id never see her again. You are so wonderful. thankyou." Joanne

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