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One of the biggest problems we encounter when being asked to search for a dog from multiple dog families is having a scent article that is unique to just the one (lost) dog. Therefore we suggest to all dog owners with multiple dogs, to do this simple proceedure every 6 months. it takes just a matter of minutes and could be the difference between a lost and found dog. Even if you only have one dog, we still recommend doing this as it helps a lot in times of emergency if the scent article is available from the outset.

Make a scent article for each dog in your household. Take a 4"X4" sterile gauze pad, (available from any chemist or 1st aid supplies) and rub it all over one dog (mouth, ears, hind quarters, between toes, entire body til it's captured some fur); put gauze pad in a heavy duty ziploc bag with dog's name, and date; seal it and place in freezer.
Or why not do it the "easy way" and purchase one of our "scent kits" from our online shop and you can even view the video on how to make a scent article with our swab kit by clicking here

Sadly we are not able to respond to calls to search for cats or tortoises or any animal other than DOGS or humans.

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